Belinda Balaski

FEATURES (Selected List)

AMERICAN PERFEKT(Co-Star)                                                            SMALL SOLDIERS (Cameo)
MATINEE (Co-Star)                                                                                NEXT TIME I FALL IN LOVE (Starring Role)
GREMLINS II (Cameo)                                                                           GOODNIGHT MOON (Starring Role)
AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (Starring Role)                                GETTING IT OVER WITH (Cameo)
GREMLINS (Cameo)                                                                              WINDOWS (Cameo)
THE HOWLING (Starring Role)                                                                TWO WAY STREET (Starring Role)
PIRAHNA (Co-Star)                                                                                 INSIDE/OUT (Double Starring Role)
CANNONBALL (Star)                                                                             BLACK EYE (Featured)
BOBBY JO AND THE OUTLAW (Starring Role)                                       TILL DEATH (Starring Role)
FOOD OF THE GODS (Starring Role)                                                     RACHAEL & MARLA (Starring Role)


2ND CIVIL WAR                                        Co-Star                     HBO/Dir: Joe Dante
SEDUCED BY MADNESS                        Starring Role             CBS/Dir: John Patterson
OSIRIS CHRONICLES                             Co-Star                      Paramount TV/Dir: Joe Dante
RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS                        Starring Role              Showtime/Dir: Joe Dante
PROUD MEN                                           Starring Role              ABC/Dir: William Graham
DEADLY CARE                                        Starring Role             CBS/Dir: David Anspaugh
MY DISSIDENT MOM                              Co-Star                     CBS/Dir: Matt Clark
ARE YOU MY MOTHER?                         Starring Role            ABC/Dir: Joe Manduke
MRS. R's DAUGHTERS                           Guest Star                NBC/Dir: Dan Curtis
THE RUNAWAYS                                     Starring Role             ABC/Dir: John Florea
DEATH SCREAM                                     Co-Star                     ABC/Dir: Dick Heffron
WEREWOLF AT WOODSTOCK               Guest Star                 ABC/Dir: Hank Saroyan
LOCUSTS                                                 Co-Star                     ABC/Dir: Dirk Heffron
FORCE FIVE                                            Co-Star                     ABC/Dir: Walter Grauman
HALFWAY TO DANGER                           Guest Star                ABC
ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS                     Guest Star                ABC/Dir: Dick Heffron

TELEVISION (Selected List)

REASONABLE DOUBTS (Guest Star)                                       EERIE INDIANA (Co-Star - 2)
BAYWATCH (Co-Star, Guest Star - 2)                                            AMERICA BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Pilot (Co-Star)
FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES (Guest Star)                        HUNTER (Guest Star)
FALCON CREST (Guest Star -3)                                               MATT HUSTON (Guest Star)
SANTA BARBARA (Guest Star)                                                A-TEAM (Guest Star)
UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (Co-Star - 2)                                    VEGAS (Guest Star)
OUR HOUSE (Guest Star)                                                        CHARLIE'S ANGELS (Guest Star)
HARD COPY (Guest Star)                                                        S.W.A.T. (Guest Star)
DIVORCE COURT (Guest Star)                                               BARETTA (Guest Star)
SIMON AND SIMON (Guest Star)                                            HOW THE WEST WAS WON (Guest Star)
HOTEL (Co-Star)                                                                     HENRY HAMILTON: GRADUATE GHOST (Star)
SIERRA (Guest Star)                                                                TRUE CONFESSIONS (Starring Role)
COWBOYS (Guest Star)                                                           STARSKY & HUTCH (Co-Star)
FBI: UNTOLD STORIES (Co-Star)                                         FANTASTIC JOURNEY (Co-Star)

THEATRE (Selected credits / Equity Member)

THE FOX (Jill)                                                                                                           Back Alley Theatre / Dir: Allan Miller
A GOOD LOOK AT BONDY KERN (Starring Role) w/Don Knotts                             Buck's County. PA / Dir: Jonathan Daly
VANITIES (Joanne)                                                                                                   Alberquerque, NM / Prod: J. Doolittle

*PICNIC (Millie) w/ Nick Nolte                                                                                    Met Theatre / Dir: James Gammon
Robbie Award
*DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS (Reenie)                                                     Met Theatre / Dir: Tim Scott
Robbie Award
**BUS STOP (Elma)                                                                                                  Met Theatre / Dir: James Gammon
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award

PETER PAN (Wendy)                                                                                               Starlight Opera, SD
INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD (Girl)                                                                          Old Globe Theatre, SD

                      Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences