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Hi Belinda,                                                        29 Aug 2009
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work with the kids!!!
We really enjoyed your class and would recommend it to anyone who asked.
Feel free to give my number out if you need to :)
Thank you again as my daughter really enjoyed herself!
Hopefully, we will see you again in future classes.

Belinda is an amazing acting coach and teacher for children! She not only teaches the craft of acting but she gives her students the tools to approach auditions with professionalism and confidence. My son loves her and within 6 months of taking her workshops, he signed with one of the top agents and managers in Los Angeles.
He has taken every workshop she offers and had a great time in each one. I highly recommend her if anyone is looking for the "real deal!"                                            SS

Dear Belinda;                                                                                1 March 2010

Regarding your Commcercial Class... This will put a smile on your face!
Our son had an audition today for Mattel Toys... and did very well!!!
I have to tell you that if it weren't for your Commercial Class, your direction and comments on the video, instructing him on how to focus on the camera, what clothes to wear, how to prepare, he would not even have an agent today! Quite frankly he was leaps and bounds ahead of the other kids. He knew how to act, look good on camera, was ready to go, knew the material, spoke clearly, paid attention, followed directions, and had fun!
WOW! I was really proud of him! He's only 6years old, but performed like a real professional actor! It's all because of you! You are a fantastic teacher and have made our son totally prepared for the "real" biz!
Thank you for everything~
PS: So far he has gotten 3 out of 4 callbacks!!!

Hi Belinda                                                          March 19, 2009

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication with AL...
In these past 8 weeks, you turned her into a great little actress!
Thank you and please keep in touch, we enjoyed your class and felt it was worth every penny spent.
Thanks again ML

Hi Belinda -                                                                                           5 March 2009

Just want you to know how very much A is enjoying your classes.  I truly feel she has learned alot from them.
...Thanks so much for being such a great teacher.  Not only is A impressed with you, but I am seated in the
lobby listening to things that are happening and have only positive things to say about the class.  It's only great
things I have to say about how you were working with the kids...

Thanks for everything.........SF

Dear Belinda;                                                                                        1 Oct 08
My husband and I loved Danielle's Adult Commercial Class!  I know I certainly picked up quite a few tips that I will use
at my next audition.  She offered some great ideas to utilize so that you, (hopefully), can stand out and be noticed at an audition.  (I just wish I could put Danielle in my back pocket and take her along for my next one!)  Also, it was nice to see a smaller class - we each got more personalized attention.
See you Sunday!

Hello Belinda,                                                                                                                 25 Nov 08
Hope you are well. Once again I would like to THANK YOU very much for this wonderful Dialects class.
A.T. (my 7 yr old daughter) had a great time, and I must tell you that Jeremyís assist (Abrams Artists)
was very impressed. He thought she was phenomenal and that she was very advanced for her age and
I have to thank you for that! She has learned and advanced so much from each and every class she has
taken with you. Canít wait till the Voice Over class begins.

Belinda,                                                                                                 7/27/08
I wanted to start off by saying how much I have enjoyed classes so far. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to learn.
I really was not sure what to expect starting off, but since the first class I have become genuinely excited about learning as
much as I can. I have never experienced anything like this before, but it has been a great experience so far. I have found a
lot of enjoyment from our classes; being in front of a camera and learning in class gives me strong appreciation for acting
and a strong desire to learn more and become better. I wanted to ask if there were any other extra instructions you could
give me for during the week. During the week I have a good amount of free time, so if there is any other advice or practices
that you think would be beneficial to me, I would be more than willing to put in the extra effort.

Thanks for everything and I look forward to next week!
-RM (21 yr old student in the TV & Film Class)

Hi Belinda,                                                        7/14/08

Just wanted to let you know J T booked his very first job he
went out on for me, a Comedy Central Promo with Bob Saget!!
Thanks for everything!

Jeremy Apody
Abrams Artists
Youth Commercial Division

Hi  Everyone,                                                                  6/22/08
Several of you have asked about camps and acting lessons for your kids as well as how to hire an agent for TV or commercials.  I had the exact experience as APB had,  if you read her post below.....with the Hollywood group.  My son was about 8 or 9 at the time and really wanted to go, so I took him.  They were a group that did a screen test and then "agreed to sign you" and then proceeded to charge $2000 for head shots, another $2000 for acting lessons, etc.  I wasn't born yesterday, so I marched my disappointed  son out of there and the time they were housed in a building that had alot of legitimate casting calls and lessons as well.  As we were leaving, I told my son we could go and inquire about legit acting lessons.  I was advised that BB's Kids, owned and run by Belinda Balaski, (who had had a great run as a TV, Movie and commercial actress in her younger days....remember her as the star of the "Howling") was the best around.  I called her to inquire about lessons and signed him up.  He went into a class taught by her.  Well, he is almost 12 now and loves her classes and 2 weeks ago, had his "final" for this past session.  During the final class, Belinda invites Agents and Managers to come see the new talent she is teaching.  Sometimes, if the Agents see something they like they will call the kids in to set up appointments.  Well, my son got a call to come into one of the finest Agents for kids in this city and I have to say, that Belinda's classes and exposure and teaching had everything to do with it. Even if your child is not interested in hiring an agent (I was not interested in the beginning), it is a great place for acting lessons.  More information at:

APB  wrote:
So I'm at Costco with my 2 kids and a woman came up to me asking how old my son was and saying how cute he was. Then she said that she is some sort of talent scout and was looking for kids for the show Zack & Cody or something like that. She then as... and when I looked them up online it said this event is some sort of screentest. I think they have them every week. I'm not interested in pursuing acting for my son, but just wondering if this is for real or one of those scam groups that is a "middleman" between actual talent agencies and the parents who end up paying for the company to find the kid an agent. It felt like she was "scouting" and it was a scam. Does anyone know anyone who is legitimate?

Hi Belinda,                                                                                12/21/07
Talk about going above and beyond.  Belinda, I am so pleased with you and your staff at BB's Kids.  I would recommend everyone I know, whose interested in acting, to your classes. My daughter has grown so much in the 8 weeks that she has attended Commercial and Modeling classes at BB's Kids. I appreciate that even when classes were over, you didn't stop there. You kept the communication lines open. You made sure that she was seen by Agents.  Thank you for the tremendous amount of work, time, effort and the one-on-one that you give to my daughter. You take so much pride in each one of your students, and that means a lot in this industry.  I am so happy that we found your school.  You, your assistant, and daughter, are amazing, and you are the most awesome teacher.  I am excited for L to start the next session at BB's Kids.  See you in January.
Much appreciation and thanks,

Dear Belinda,                                                                                                        11/21/07
Into  every child's life comes a mentor.  Someone who when they reflect back through their lives, they realize that person had a profound effect on them.  I  think you are that person for C.  Your words have meaning for her.
I am very proud of her.  Through your classes she has gained confidence and self esteem.  I thank you deeply for that.  I know that she didn't do all the work she should have.  She had a very full plate, but that is not an excuse.  What would be the next class for her to take.  Do you think she needs to repeat the commercial class?  Do you ever work privately with students?  She has her school one acts audition and I would love her to have your guidance ..
....  We will ask the ortho when her braces will come off.  He keeps telling her soon...
We would always be glad to meet with a manager if you feel that she is ready for that. Again I thank you for everything and wish you a happy happy healthy holiday season.
keep in touch with us
D.R. (Debra Rubenstein was Casting Director for "Melrose Place")

       Hi Belinda,                                                                11/14/07
        Thank You! very much, for the invitation.  I also want to Thank You, your daughter Sharisse (Sharisse you are awesome) and your staff  for the tremendous job you have done with A.  I appreciate the patients you have had throughout the whole ordeal, I'm experiencing at the present moment.  Your a true blessing and look forward to A, attending more of your next season classes.

Dear Belinda,                                                                            10/2/07

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. I want you to know that N. loved your class and especially YOU !!
We really appreciate everything you have done for her. It was so thoughtful of you to write this letter of recommendation so promptly. I know you are very busy and took time to think of Nathalie.
I will keep in touch. Good luck with your new location!
Best wishes, M and N

Hi Belinda,                                        8/26/07
C and I just wanted to take time tonight before turning in for bed to tell you how much we appreciate all you did to help C. We will leave early in the morning from Las Vegas to finish our trip home to Grand Junction, Colo; but felt we wanted you,
Danielle, Sharrise and everyone to know how much you guys mean to us.
Thanks so much.I will call you when we arrive at home to give you some time to recover from all the craziness of all of us(LOL) to see what you think our next step should be.
T & C

Hi Belinda,                                                                    8/22/07
I couldnít wait until Sunday to let you know that we are so excited. A booked her first commercial this week with State Farm. She went to her fitting yesterday and we had so much fun. Considering we never planned any of this, we have had a great turn out. Thank you soo much for all you help and support. The classes have definitely helped her out a great deal!

Dear BB,                                    5/30/7
Thank you so very much for your support of my project.
The kids you sent were not only well behaved, but were
great actors willing to work through the scenes.
Between you and I, I think I have roles for 3 of them
(and one of the mothers!)
It is such a small world because L  is actually an old student I used to work
with at Debbie Allen's Dance Academy...
Thanks again,
GingerFly Films

Dear Belinda,                                                                                                       17 May 2007
I had anticipated that your workshop would give my daughter an idea of what to expect on an audition, but what you delivered was so much more.  You have provided her with the tools and knowledge to be confident and successful.  I loved the fact that each class was designed to mirror an actual audition.  Students and parents alike never knew exactly what to expect at the beginning of each class Ė just like an actual audition.  In addition, the individual time and advice you provided to each child while reviewing their work was invaluable. I learned so much from this part of your workshop, that Iím surprised you donít call the class Commercial Workshop for Kids and their Parents!
On a personal level, Iím truly glad I got to know you.  You obviously genuinely care for your students, and T was no exception.  I appreciate you following up with us after the class had ended and recommending auditions that you thought would suit her.  Without you, T would never have had the opportunity to audition for, and sign with Brad Diffley.  Thank you for kindness and guidance and for taking the time to answer my many, many questions.
T and I are certainly fortunate to have found you.  We've already told friends about our experience, so expect some phone calls!
Many Thanks,

Dear Belinda,                                                                                            15 April 2007
Thank you so much for your mentorship regarding teaching acting.  Although I have an M.A. in Theatre and years of experience acting professionally in NY as well as LA, it was the first time I had been asked to teach a class.  It had been a long time since I had taken an acting class myself and I was terrified.
You invited me to observe your classes with children and taught me some techniques... which I have now used teaching Acting Fundamentals to adults.  The exercises worked very well and my students and I have learned a lot from doing them.  Especially when the same students repeat the exercises, I see their growth as performers.
But more than just exercises and improvisations, it is your phenomenal expertise in working with actors that I treasure. You have not only helped me choose partners but suggested specific scenes for them to do from just a snapshot. When I observe my students doing these scenes, I see how perfect your suggestions are, allowing each actor to expand in areas he or she may not even have dreamed possible. They thank me afterwards for pushing them into new territory. Indeed, one student even said I had ďchanged his life.Ē
Most of all, over the course of several sessions, I have become a competent - even sometimes, like my mentor, brilliant - acting teacher myself.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear coach.
Love, JB

Howdy, Miss Belinda!                                                                30 April 07

Wow! First of all, what a great pleasure to finally get the opportunity to meet you, and Danielle...
Then, the information...  the funny, yet, interesting way you presented it was absolutely, with out a doubt, unequivocally the most valuable facts, figures, and anecdotes we, as parents, have yet received to help navigate the sometimes- tubulent waters of the Hollywood child actor/actress world of the entertainment biz.
Thanks for being there, Belinda, yesterday  and for being so patient, with questions from us parents I'm sure you've had to hear a million-and-one times at this point. I hope other parents of child actors/actresses take advantage of these "parent seminars"  there in L.A.
Kudos to Danielle, as well, for working so well with you and for providing personal experience on how the entertainment business REALLY works in Hollywood and other venues. I've been spending a lot of time reading many books and publications these days to get up to speed on how to be the best "Hollywood Dad" I can be, and the information both of you presented to us...  made more clear what I've learned thus far.
Just, thanks a BUNCH for everything at the "Parent Seminar" on Sunday, and we'll definitely do our best to consider matching our time and finances with the seemingly worthwhile child-actor training opportunities you have available through BB's Kids.

All the best!

Dear Belinda,                                                                                                13 March 2007
I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful time A had in your class. I am so glad that she decided to take your class because it was really a great experience for her. We all had a great time! And now have an agent!!!
Once again thank you.

Thank-you for coaching my 16 yr old son!.  He really feels comfortable after coaching with you and his confidence goes through the roof.  Unfortunately, the producers decided to go older (over 18) to play younger for this episode, but his agent said that casting really liked him.  So, hopefully, they will bring him back again. ~JL             20 Sept 06

Thank you Belinda~                                                        23 Aug 2006
Your praise is greatly appreciated! We are hopeful that booking this "PBS Kids GO!" spot will tumble down walls for our younger daughter! Thank you for believing in her and sending her for the audition! (comment below: 2 Aug 06)
I also wanted to say about your Parent Seminar~ really if I had not had that, I would not have been prepared for B booking this job! Without having your Parent Seminar Class, I would be stressed out trying to figure out what I needed first!!!! It's nice to feel calm and fully prepared!
Regarding your email: Thank you~  I also felt my older daughter was terrific at grad and her confidence really soared! She needed that!
We can't give you a thank you big enough!!!!!    TN

Hi Belinda,                                                                                                10 Aug 2006
I hope your summer is going well. I know I've said it before, but I cannot say it enough.  Thanks so
much for all you and your excellent team have done for F. Most recently, F has signed with the Stein
Entertainment Group, a direct result of T. J. Stein having seen him in the BB's Kids Graduation Showcase
last spring. And I haven't yet thanked you in writing for the great time and valuable experience F had when,
thanks to your introduction and arrangements,  he and K were interviewed on British television.
They charmed the interviewer, the crew and, I'm sure, the English public.  The "Hallmark Valentine"
commercial script you'd taught them and directed them in during the winter Commercial Workshop was the
perfect short performance for them to use to cap off the interview.
It was great that you made the tape of the complete spring Showcase available to the students.
F loves remembering the work of his classmates.  I think it is important that he sees the outstanding
performances by your older students.  They set a high standard, but, with BB's Kids' excellent training
and mentoring, F, too, can  reach the mark.
I'm sorry that F's previous commitments did not permit us to sign him up for your summer commercial
workshop for the very young. I didn't see an offering for 4's in your fall class schedule ,  except for the
regular commercial workshop.  We've been planning to have F repeat the commercial workshop in the
Winter session after he turns 5.  It would probably be right for him to then repeat the Tot's Acting class in the Spring.
Keep in touch!

Hi  BELINDA,                                                                                                2 Aug 06

Dear Belinda;                            16 July 2006
Thank you very much for helping CT this morning.
Your coaching made a big difference!
You really are a wonderful teacher.
We will see you next Sun.  ~ST

There are fantastic kids on this tape - I'm gonna wanna see these 4! ... The Larry Corsa Agency 7/5/6


                                                                                                                          27 June 06
Thank you ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much Belinda. I am really exited to go on this Rene Zallweger movie. Thank you for finding the audition. And thank you for helping me get "The Bad Seed" or I would not have this big advantage. Oh and thank you for teaching me how to act. I love you and have fun on vacation.
xoxoxoxo M (10yrs old)

Hi Belinda~                                                                21 June 06
Just wanted to let you know that S did go the audition today and he told me that the people made him feel so comfortable and were so friendly you may want to pass that on...I want to thank you for giving him this opportunity ...
I think he did ok...
Luv~  J
ps your graduation was superb on Sunday...well done..:)

Hi Belinda~                                                                            25 March 2006
I would like to enroll ... them in the summer sessions.  I am meeting with T next week to firm up the contract, etc.  We are signing with T and he will shepherd the agent process, etc.  Will definitely keep you posted...
By the way -- your advice that I gave to Z right before the audition for T ("Tell Z he needs to instantly get to the 110%...can't gradually ease into it, etc.) really worked.  He was so "on" -- and I think T really liked him.  Also - if your ears were burning -- I was commenting to T how much I enjoyed meeting you, your creativity, teaching, way with the kids, etc. -- and T said he totally agreed and had known you for more than 15 years!  Thought that was awesome!!  Hope you are well...

Hi Belinda,                                                                        4/14/06
So thrilled to have you not only as a wonderful teacher of S's - but
a true friend and FAN of hers - thanks for talking her up - as you
always do... C

Hi, Belinda,                                                                    3/9/06
Well, F made his first commercial and he had a great time.  No lines -- they just had him gaze up at the sky seriously.  I've always thought that F did a great "serious".  As I told you, F, now 4, has been going to commercial auditions since he was 18 months old without being cast.  He went to the audition for the commercial he just made after attending the first two meetings of your COMMERCIAL WORKSHOP.   I really believe the improved camera sense he acquired by attending your class is what made the difference.
Other adults who know F well have remarked at his more mature and confident demeanor in recent weeks.  With one exception they didn't know he was attending your class.  I know his noticeable growth during this time is due to his experiences with you, your assistants, and all the young actors, in BB's Kids COMMERCIAL WORKSHOP.     ---==>K

Hi Belinda!                                                                                        3/13/06
     K had so much fun with your class! I was so proud of her Sunday, continuing the class and working hard. She does want to take it again, but for now she really wants to take the singing class. She's always loved music and as you could tell was very upset that the big kids got to sing and she didn't. She's already picking out songs that she wants to sing. Siobhan seems very nice and great with kids! Thanks again for Sunday and all your hard work! You did great with all the kids and I really saw them grow! Let me know about the singing class. Talk with you soon, and have a great day!  J K : )

Hi, Belinda,                                                                         1/22/06
Great at last to meet you, S enjoyed his class, and quite honestly I was is hysterics, very funny.  You have a great way about you with the kids and I appreciate the fact that we can actually see what you are and have done by watching the  video... Thank you ~ J

Belinda....                                                                 12/5/05
Thank you, thank you for remembering R.  I just want to say that your class and your true dedication to the art of acting has really helped my daughter-and it was only one class!  She's very thankful and extremely excited of just the idea of learning more...  You're truely great and again thank you for your honesty, guidance and quick 101 to teaching parents the in's and out's to the rules and guidelines to this crazy, but exciting business...
Thank you again,
A and R

                                                                                                            7 Nov 2005
I am writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for our son, J.  Your classes have taught him so much throughout the years that has been priceless.  With your fun environment and great Teachers, J's confidence has more than doubled.
We love you and highly recommend your classes.
Thanks for everything,

Belinda;                                            6/12/05
My son, MK has been going to auditions for almost two years. Despite several callbacks he has not
landed any jobs. Then I put him and his sister in BB's Kids Spring 2005 TV & Film Class and within a
month M landed his first commercial job! The encouragement, support and instruction technique he
received gave him greater confidence.
Thanks again to you and Rikki and Danielle for your great empathy and teaching for my kids and
all the other kids in the class. Both M and M came away thrilled and inspired to continue on. I look
forward to the fall sessions and wish there was a session starting sooner than that.
Thanks again,

Hi Belinda -                                                6/13/05
I just want to thank you for a great session.  Ian got so much from it.
I saw a lot of improvement and most importantly, Ian FELT he did
better than ever.  I loved the graduation tape!
Ian asked when he can continue.  He loves the idea of being a "BB's
kid."  ...
I love the fact that Ian really enjoyed the session.
Acting/commercials has become important to him and something he wants
to improve in.
Thanks again,

Hi! this is S's mom again .We want to thank you and your class because we got commercial again! this time is Ford Regional for asian market... Any way thank you B.B... S & M & M     11/5/04

Hi Belinda,                                         6/12/05
This is DS., S's Mom. I hope you remember her.  I was going through and condensing down some video tapes of her at your classes and thought I would let you know how she is and what she's been up to.
She is finishing the 7th grade this week...   AND.... has had a lead role in the last 2 drama productions at school.
Of which she was awarded the Best actress award for both...
Speaking of time, she remembers you so fondly, and had such great memories working with you.  We hope you are doing well and are healthy and happy.  Here are a couple of recent pictures of SS.  Thank you for your time with her.

Hi Belinda,                                                    5/20/05
I know that we will see you tomorrow, but I have been wanting to write this e-mail on T's theatrical performance of Shakespeare's, Midsummer Night's Dream.
As you know, she received the part of Helena.  We are so excited about this, and we wish to thank you for your help in building her in confidence and skills with her acting abilities.
It has been very profitable that she is taking the Shakespeare class in correlation with her drama classes.  Orlando's help in this area, through your contact, will benefit T tremendously.
See you tomorrow :))

Belinda-                                                     5/23/05
I wanted to share some good news with you. C is going to be represented by Brad at Abrams (Artists)! We are very excited. When we got there, they gave her a short commercial and I could tell by the way she delivered the lines with so much more emotion and gestures than before that she has learned a lot in your class. Brad really liked her and wanted to sign her right away...
I am so glad we waited and had you as a teacher anyway!

Thanks again,

Dear Belinda,                                                                                   6/6/05

 It is so hard to believe that another session with BBís Kidís  is nearly over; therefore, before we take the summer break, I want to thank you for the rewarding and positive experiences that T has had while attending your classes. I say this, because the discussions that she has with me following your classes are pleasurable, and make the long trip back to the desert less tiring.
 The atmosphere you and your team provide is very comfortable and caring.  I have observed the friendliness, availability, and the help that you give to your pupils, and as a result, I have witnessed their desire to improve their acting skills.  It is very rewarding!
 Since T has begun taking your classes, a transformation has evolved with the way that she acts.  Her self-confidence has blossomed and her acting skills have strengthened and improved tremendously.  I am looking forward to her future endeavors.  I want you to know that you and your team will always remain a part of our lives.

                                                                                                              With gratitude,
                                                                                                              L S

The kids in the class are really improving. You do a great job with them!!!

Hi Belinda,                                                            16 June 2005
... I am proud of the time S spent with you and would really recommend your classes to anyone who even is just looking to create more self esteem for their child.  The way you and your staff care about the kids is just terrific, I always appreciated the way S's soul was excited by attending your class...  DS