Jayne Entwistle joins BB's Kids ~


Jayne Entwistle, born in the UK, has been in Los Angeles for 5 years. In that time she has co-starred on Big Love and had a recurring role on Desperate Housewives among other film and T.V credits. She is an also award-winning audiobook narrator for Random House. An avid improviser, Jayne performs and teaches improv with Patrick Bristow's company The Improvatorium where she is the Associate Artistic Director. She has been teaching improv to children for over 15 years in a variety of settings from public and private schools to community drama programs.

We improvise everyday of our lives, we just don't realize it, but as actors we must be seasoned improvisers at a very young age.
This class will teach you how to improv and apply it in a "practical real world way" which will indeed sharpen your skills as an actor.
In this six week program, students will learn the fundamental skills required to improvise basic games and scenes. Attention will be
given to the concepts of story, ensemble/group work and character, thru exercises, games and scene work. They will learn agreement,
teamwork and trust thru the actor's most creative expression; Improvisation! A solid understanding of the rules and structure of improv will provide a strong framework for the Actor for auditions, theater, commercials and television work!  This “workout room” will help develop the actor’s “tool kit”  with  an improvised performance at showcase.