The T-Files

The T-Files is an original play written by Belinda Balaski and BB's Kids Professional Teens through improv.

The Cast (Original Cast at The Met Theatre 1999)

Chris Rodriguez, Charlotte Dean, Nate Thomas, Sharisse Marcalina, Joseph Ellis, Bryan  Thatcher, Peyton Wagner, Erick Vazquez, Sadye Powell, Arlow Stewart Jr, Jessica Bastulli

California Youth Theatre

in conjunction with 

BB's Kids

is proud to present

The T-Files

Teens on the Edge

Opening 4/4/02 ~ A Date to Remember

Previews  28 - 31 of March 2002
Show Times & Dates~
March 28 - April 28, 2002
Thurs, Fri, Sat. 8 pm
Sun. 7 pm
Sat & Sun Matinees 3pm


Theatre Location ~
The Brick Box :The New Ivar Annex
1608 Cosmo St (directly behind The New Ivar)
(N of Sunset Blvd ~ S of Hollywood Blvd
Between Vine & Cahuenga)
Phone for Reservations (323) 655-5355
fax Reservations (323) 655-6355

Tickets ~ $15.00 General Seating*$10.00 with Student ID* Must show ID

  The T-Files is a new play originated in 1999 by BB's Kids Professional Teen Class. The characters were developed out of issues affecting the teens, their friends and our nation. It will give you insight to what our teens on the edge are facing today. Please support our brilliant cast in their honest and responsible search through the survival of adolescence on the edge of a new millennium.

"You should pipe this play into every school across America!" ... Joe Dante; filmmaker
"Every parent should see this, because they are so clueless as to what it's really like    for kids in school nowadays" ... a mom
"This play needs to be made into a film and shown in Europe!"... an Italian exchange student
"Can't you satellite it into schools everywhere?" ... a middle school teacher

                   Written by Belinda Balaski and BB's Kids Professional Teens

The T-Files
Current Cast at work with Mark Taper Forum Director : Corky Dominguez
head of P.L.A.Y. (Performing Los Angeles Youth)


Rehearsing in class at BB's Kids & on stage at The Ivar with Belinda Balaski ~ Feb '02

After the Show (Original Cast '99)

(top:l-r) Bryan Thatcher, Sadye Powell, Charlotte Dean, Arlow Stewart Jr, Maureen Grier, Peyton Wagner,  Jessica Bastulli,  Chris Rodriguez,  Ingrid Earle;   (bottom:l-r)  Sharisse Marcalina, Erick Vazquez, Nathalie Gaulthier, Nate Thomas, Belinda Balaski, Joseph Ellis