FALL SESSION:  12/13 Sept 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
BB'S KIDS TV & Film Acting, Monologues, Improv,
        Commercials, Dialects,  & Music Video WORKSHOPS

CURRENT SESSION :  11/12 July  (Graduation Date: Sun : 30 Aug 2015)
                             Saturday & Sunday Classes    {Winter Session Jan  -  Mar  2016}

                                  (all classes subject to change without minimal enrollment)


TV & FILM ACTING w/ Belinda Balaski                    $450-
  12 Sept 2015            Sat             9-11am           9 yrs & up        8 wks

Class covers basic theatre games, improv, cold reading skills,
character breakdown, scene study, and a taped live graduation
(for agents, mgrs, casting directors, and parents). All classes created and
overseen by Ms Balaski.

MUSIC VIDEO w/ Siobhan O'Carroll                               $450-
  12 Sept 2015        Sat      11:30-1:30pm    8 yrs & up            8 wks
This 8 week class covers a broad variety of Musical styles, light choreography,
group numbers, solos/duets. Siobhan has toured, recorded, danced and starred with~
Bette Midler, Ray Charles, Mary Wells, Melissa Manchester, Dolly Parton, Mary Wilson,
besides her lead on Broadway in "Annie", and her multiple TV appearances.
This super fun 8 weeks is called the Triple Threat Room!!!  Again Graduation is live
and on tape for agents and parents.


COMMERCIAL WORKSHOP w/ Belinda Balaski           $450-
 13 Sept 2015         Sun.         9-11am    5 yrs & up                        8 wks
This 8 week on-camera class covers personality slating, eating
on camera, situation improv, doubles (working with others),
cold copy, hard copy, singles, callbacks, and grad (the shoot)
for agents and parents. Register early as this class books out...
{Check BB's >>> Kids at Work <<< section for all the Commercials our kids have done!}
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name above... as with all teachers...}

IMPROV WORKOUT w/ Sharisse Bray                       $450-
   13 Sept 2015        Sun         11:30-1:30 pm      8 yrs & up              8 wks

We improvise everyday of our lives, we just don't realize it, but as actors we must be seasoned
improvisers at a very young age. This class will teach you how to improv and how to apply it in a
"practical real world way" which will indeed sharpen your skills as an actor. We will explore the
basics of improv thru exercises, games and scene work; learn agreement, teamwork and trust thru
the actor's most creative expression; Improvisation! This “workout room” will help develop the
actor’s “tool kit”  with no graduation at showcase.


DIALECTS w/ Penny Orloff                                      $450-
  13 Sept 2015        Sun       2-4pm        9 yrs & up                8 wks

Dialects are fun, but when you need one you can't do for an audition, it's already
too late! Every actor needs several dialects in their "back pocket" & periodic
study to sharpen more along the way. Through basic skills taught in this class,
students will acquire the ability to hear and learn subtleties which distinguish one
dialect from another. Penny Orloff uses listening, vocal/articulation exercises,
improvisations and short monologues to develop students' ability to use British,
New York, and Southern accents. Additionally, students will choose and prepare
one dialect specific to characters for which they are ideally castable; ie: Hispanic,
African, Middle-Eastern, Arabic, Swedish, Irish, Russian, etc. This exciting 8 wk
class graduates live & on tape.

This Fall~
  BB’s Kids Presents :
           A one day Parent Seminar for on-camera Kids with
            Belinda Balaski ~

   27 Sept 2015                      Sun  11:30-1:30 pm                        $50-

 "Once a parent has made the decision to help their child pursue a career in the Biz, they discover it's just the beginning of many important decisions to come. Did you know that when an agent is considering your child for representation, they are also considering whether or not they can work with you?" well said by agent Rhonda Richards.  A regular day can be complex enough without auditions added to it. It takes a specially dedicated and educated parent to do it all smoothly. Our goal is to help you streamline the process of learning the “Ins & Outs” of the entertainment industry. This seminar will help protect your child (and your wallet) from common mistakes that so many parents have learned the hard way. In 1½ hours you will be completely ready and empowered to help your child succeed. Points we will cover:

Labor regulations, Training, Difference between Audition/Callback/Avail/Hold Pictures & Resumes,
Coogan Law,  Agency Protocol, Work Permits, Difference between Agent/Manager, Contracts, Commissions

Reserve your space early as seating is limited!!!        323)650-Kids      BBs4Kids@aol.com

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