Improv is my life! I live it, breathe it and can't wait to teach it! I'm originally from the great state of Michigan where I co-owned Spare Me Productions and dove into writing, directing and producing interactive theatre. I've been improvising over 16 years and performed in over 200 shows & am a current member of ACME Comedy Theatre. I've studied all over: Second City, Improv Olympic, ACME Comedy Theatre, & Shakespeare with Eric Zivot. You may have seen me on TV in 'Commander In Chief', 'The Nine', or 'What about Brian'.

Fun facts: I once helped to build the worlds largest maze out of corn, Jumped out of a plane... with a parachute, met former President Bill Clinton and refuse to grow up!

Film / TV                                                                 
What about Brian        Co-Star               ABC
The Nine                     Co-Star              ABC
Commander In Chief     Co-Star              ABC
The Petersons               Lead                   Kyle Pennington Dir.
Race Walker                Lead         
Laugh Stop Repeat        Lead                   Distinguished Rascals Prod.

Infidelities Alex                                     Moxie Theatre Works
Do Not Disturb Rabbi, Carl                     Moxie Theatre Works
Après Opera Duncan                               Moxie Theatre Works
Reservations for two Jim                        Moxie Theatre Works
Other Peopleís Money Garfinkle               NoHo Studios
The Woolgatherer Cliff                           NoHo Studios

Sugar Fried Chicken           Lead              The Second City
Debbie                              Improv           Improv Olympic West
The Tea House                   Stand-up        Leo Lewis Productions
 Homey Loves Chachi           Improv          The Playground Theatre
 St. Johnís Wort                Improv           The Playground Theatre

The Generic Radio Show  On-Air Personality        KWSB

Commercials/Industrial Films (list upon request)

Scene Study  Eric Zivot
Selected scenes:  Leaving Las Vegas          Ben
                          Memento                       Leonard
                         Young and the Restless    Nick
Shakespeare Eric Zivot
Commercial  Carolyne Barry
Improv The Second City, Improv Olympic, Improv Olympic West, Acme Comedy Theatre

Special Skills
Mountain Bike
Snow ski
Jet Ski
Water ski
Manual Drive