Adult TV & Film Acting with Danielle Willison

    19 April - 14 June 2009         Sun            2-4:30 pm        17 yrs  & up          $400-

Our 8 week adult scene study class is designed for the new actor, as well as the professional working actor.
You will be given assigned scenes that are appropriate to your casting type. We will walk you through the cold
reading process, as well as how to develop effective, honest techniques to achieve your absolute best audition.
This class will focus on the art of script analysis, cold reading, character development, and auditioning techniques.
The pressures of auditioning in this business require that you make bold and immediate choices, and in this class,
we'll teach you how to do just that!


Danielle's one day intensive Adult Commercial Bootcamp!
        email us to sign up for next  (8 hr) Class date                                                            $175-  which includes:

    VHS tape of your day's work
    Pizza lunch & drinks

                     Class will focus on:
                                      Cue Cards
                                      Personalized Slating
                                      Singles Copy
                                      Doubles Copy
                                      Group Auditions
                                      Commercial Improv
                                      Industry Q & A

You will feel truely energized and confident knowing that you now have the tools you need to hone your niche in the commercial market. If you are interested in either of Danielle's Classes ....


Please call Belinda at         >>>      323)650-Kids (5437)

             or  > email her at         >>>